Maserati and Sljeme Autokoffer joined forces in a series of events in Southeast Europe. Maserati is an exclusive Italian automotive brand with a glorious heritage. Two companies share passion for elegance, style and performance. Matched with Sljeme gloves, Maserati character flourishes. For Ghibli, sport sedan, with black leather interior, we’ve chosen black fingerless gloves. Powerful V6 is controlled through fingerless driving gloves while open knuckles and back allows maximum flexibility and fast turning.


Classic fingerless driving gloves. Perfect match for rear-wheeled sport sedan that need delicate balancing. Allows full control of the vehicle with combination of firm palm grip and bare fingertips. Big knuckles and perforations let your skin breathe comfortably. Horse shoe opening with closing strap for perfect fit. Metal press stud is in centre on male or on a side for female models.
– 100% glacé lambskin 0.6 mm thick
– big knuckle holes and perforations
– horse shoe opening with closing strap
– saddle stitched in the main colour
– unlined