In 1921 Samuel Gati (1887-1944), Austro-Hungarian master trunk-maker opened the company in the heart of Zagreb. Sljeme soon became the largest trunk-maker in Southeast Europe. Up to hundred thirty workers produced top quality and chic trunks, car trunks, bags, gloves and other accessories. The royal family favoured these luxury products and in 1930 Sljeme became Royal Warrant holder. Products were exhibited and exported throughout Europe. The Golden era of Sljeme ended in 1941 when fascist regime came to power in Croatia. Jewish family Gati was deported to Auschwitz to be murdered in 1944. Next year communist dictatorship replaced fascist one. Communists nationalised all companies in the country, and Sljeme was no exception. By government decree in 1968, Sljeme was merged with another company. Sljeme raised again in 2012 after Croatia was set free from communism. The company is today called Sljeme Autokoffer. Autokoffer, the German word for car-trunk, is added to Sljeme as an homage to Samuel Gati and his skilled workers. Their most sophisticated product was car-trunk and German language is Central European lingua franca.
Sljeme Autokoffer today is independent luxury goods company that creates unique travelling experience for twenty-ten connoisseurs.